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iOS Keyboard Recreated in HTML, CSS, and jQuery

Over a long period of time, Apple has gradually changed the appearance of the iOS keyboard. It has evolved from using gradients and engraved key labels to a much flatter look while the layouts have been basically the same. In this post, I will show you how to create working replica of the latest iOS […]

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A Better Alternative to the Hamburger Menu

I’ve read about problems with the three-bar icon you are used to seeing on mobile websites and applications. The icon is referred to as a “hamburger” because you can think of the top and bottom bars as buns and the middle bar as the cheese, pickles, meat, etc. Therefore, it is called a “hamburger menu,” […]

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Responsive Grid Layout for Landing Pages

You may have come across some websites with interactive, inspiring, and responsive grid layouts for landing pages. These kinds of pages provide a fun and engaging user experience and display information in a structured fashion. The cells in these layouts can have hover effects such as changes in brightness or translucent color backgrounds.

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