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Fitting Flappy Bird Into a Tweet

Since Twitter recently extended the character limit to 280, I’ve challenged myself to write programs or patterns within 280 bytes such as a tweet-sized Flappy Bird (game by dotGEARS about flying a bird through pipes without touching them) I’ll share in this post. I once thought about writing functional apps under 140, but there was […]

Twitter Character Limit in Vanilla JavaScript

If you are on Twitter, then you are familiar with the 140-character limit for Tweets. The Twitter character limit is based on the SMS support of 160 characters except that 20 characters are reserved for the sender’s name. Many websites use very similar functions on forms to restrain the size of data being sent to […]

iOS Keyboard Recreated in HTML, CSS, and jQuery

Over a long period of time, Apple has gradually changed the appearance of the iOS keyboard. It has evolved from using gradients and engraved key labels to a much flatter look while the layouts have been basically the same. In this post, I will show you how to create working replica of the latest iOS […]

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